Bed Bath and Beyond Price Match Adjustment Policy 2022

Bed Bath and Beyond Price Match

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Along with their large selection, low prices, and over a thousand locations, Bed Bath & Beyond’s promise to match competitors’ prices effectively transforms the company into a one-stop shop for all of your home furnishing needs.

Bed Bath & Beyond has built a solid reputation for providing clients with the lowest possible prices on all of its products. They have a firm commitment to Provide the highest quality service possible while keeping costs affordable.

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Bed Bath and Beyond Price Match

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Choose How You Want To Bed Bath and Beyond Price Match

There are three easy ways to ask for a price match, either before or after you buy something. If you have already bought something, please show us your receipt, invoice, or shipping confirmation.

Request a Price Match in-store

Bring the competitor’s ad or website to any Bed Bath & Beyond store and show it to an associate to receive the discount.

Request a Price Match

If you have a qualified advertisement or website from a competitor and would like to receive a discount, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at 1-800-GO-BEYOND (1-800-462-3966).

Coupon or Price Match whichever is Best

Bed Bath & Beyond will apply either the price match or the coupon if both are presented during checkout; whichever results in a lower total price for the customer will be honoured.

Bed Bath and Beyond Price Match Promise Conditions

  • We will match the prices of our local competitors, including their online prices, as well as the prices of the biggest online stores (Prices are not matched for marketplace sellers). Bed Bath & Beyond will follow any rules and restrictions that a competitor puts in place.
  • The brand, size, model number, model year, and colour must be the same, and the item must be “first quality.” Bed Bath & Beyond doesn’t match prices on factory seconds or items that have been used before. The competitor must have the item in stock.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond does not match prices on clearance items, closeouts, liquidation sales, or pricing mistakes. Items advertised with phrases like “limited time,” “limited quantity,” or “while supplies last” will not have their prices matched.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond can choose to limit the number of items it will price match.
  • If you ask, we will match the prices on in any of our stores. All terms of the price match apply.
  • By matching prices, we want to make sure that our customers get the best price we can offer. If you have a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon and want a price match, we’ll use either the price match OR the coupon, depending on which gives you the best price.
  • We’ll take a manufacturer’s coupon with an in-store price match. But coupons from retailers or brands that also have stores can’t be used because they are from competitors, not the manufacturer.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond will match any advertised price 14 days after purchase, in-store or online. We will also match our prices up to 14 days after purchase. Clearance and seasonal items are non-returnable. Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, etc. are not price-matched.
  • We’ll apply a coupon to a previous in-store or online purchase up to 14 days after purchase. Only coupon-eligible goods are credited. Coupon modifications aren’t allowed for events/days like Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.


Does Bed Bath Beyond do Price match?

Up to 14 days following a purchase, Bed Bath & Beyond will match any advertised price that satisfies our Price Match Promise requirements. Up to 14 days following your purchase, we’ll match competitors’ pricing. The prices of clearance and limited-time products are final and cannot be changed.

Does Bed Bath & Beyond price match Amazon?

To be clear, we only match prices with identical products from direct competitors. Any store that offers the same products in brick-and-mortar and virtual storefronts is a direct rival. The same applies to products: we’ll match any advertised price (but not by a third party on

Does bath and body do price adjustments?

Any discounts of fewer than 48 hours at Bath & Body Works are not eligible for price adjustments. There is a 14-day period where you can return your purchase for a refund at Bath & Body Works. What this implies is that if you buy something at one price and then bring it back to the retailer with your receipt when the price drops, you are entitled to a refund for the difference.

Does Bath and Body Works throw away products?

Does Bath & Body Works discard unused products? It’s true that the retail chain Bath & Body Works is guilty of dumping a surprising amount of customer returns and unsold merchandise in landfills. The workers have no choice but to dispose of unsold or spoiled stock.

Does Bed Bath & Beyond still take expired coupons?

Bed Bath & Beyond is known for their big blue coupons, and they always take expired coupons. Every coupon has an expiration date, and the official coupon policy says that shoppers should use coupons before the expiration date. However, most customers can still use coupons that have passed their expiration date.

Does Macy’s price match Bed Bath Beyond?

Macy’s won’t price match Bed Bath & Beyond

Who is Bed Bath and Beyond competitor?

Competitors of Bed Bath & Beyond include Wayfair, Kohl’s, Lowe’s Home Improvement, and J. C. Penney.

What discount does Bath and Body Works have?

Bath & Body Works offers a 30% discount to all employees, while full-time employees get a 40% discount.


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