DGME Paystub Portal Login

Thе DGME portal is an invaluablе onlinе platform for Dollar Gеnеral staff across rеtail storеs and distribution cеntеrs nationwidе. It acts as a cеntralizеd hub providing quick accеss to kеy еmploymеnt rеsourcеs. By signing into thеir sеcurе еmployее account on DGME, workеrs can managе еvеrything rеlatеd to thеir job including schеdulеs, pay dеtails, bеnеfits sеlеctions and company policiеs.

What makеs thе portal еxpеriеncе еvеn morе convеniеnt is that it has bееn fully optimizеd for mobilе accеss. Thanks to rеsponsivе wеb dеsign, Dollar Gеnеral еmployееs can chеck work timings, download pay stubs, addrеss HR quеriеs еtc. on-thе-go dirеctly from thе DGME app installеd on thеir smartphonе. With rеlеvant information availablе at thеir fingеrtips round-thе-clock, pеrsonnеl can rеsolvе work-rеlatеd mattеrs еfficiеntly without having to wait for officе admin support during storе opеrating hours.

What is Dollar General?

Dollar General is a popular discount retailer with more than 15,000 stores across the United States. The company focuses on providing customers with affordable merchandise in a convenient format for small stores. Dollar General employs over 143,000 individuals in its stores, distribution centers and corporate offices.

Dollar General Requirements for Employee Enrollment

To access the DGME Paystub portal, employees must have:

– Valid employee identification number
– active login username and password (set during registration)

How to log in to the DGME portal

To login to your DGME account, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to https://dgme.dollargeneral.com
2. Enter your unique username
3. Enter your password
4. Click “Sign In”

Once signed in, you’ll have access to pay stubs, tax receipts, benefits information, and more.

Key Features of DGME Paystub Portal

Some of the key features of Paystub include:

– View and download digital versions of payments
– Access Form W-2s from previous years
– View details of benefit plan registrations, balances, claims, etc.
– Update profile information and contact information
– Stay up to date with company news and communications

How to reset DGME Pay login password?

If you have forgotten your DGME portal password, you can easily reset it:

1. On the login page, click “Forgot your password?”
2. Enter your username and click Submit.
3. Answer the security questions and verify your identity.
4. Enter your new password.
5. Confirm the new password.
6. Click Submit.

Your password will now be reset and you can log in again with a new one.

How to register on the Dollar general employment portal?

Newly hired Dollar General employees must register to access the DGME portal. Here is the quick registration process:

1. Go to https://dgme.dollargeneral.com.
2. Click on “New User Registration”.
3. Enter your employee identification number and other personal information such as name, date of birth, etc.
4. Create a unique username.
5. Enter your password. (min. 8 characters)
6. Provide answers to 2 security questions.
7. Agreement to Terms of Use.
8. Click “Submit”.

Once registered, employees can log in at any time to access payroll and HR information.

DGME application for employees

Dollar General also offers the DGME app for added convenience. Employees can download the app to their smart device and access all DGME account features directly from their phone.

The main advantages of the DGME application:

– View digital pay stubs.
– Read the company announcement.
– Ask for days off.
– Work schedule synchronization.
– Contact HR immediately.

The app makes it easy for employees to stay connected on the go.

Dollar General W2 for former employees

Even after leaving the company, former employees can log into DGME and access their W2s and final pay information. Just use your previously registered credentials.

In the “Wage Information” section, select the appropriate tax year to download the W2. If you are having trouble logging in, please contact the Dollar General HR team for assistance.

Advantages of DGME

The DGME portal provides detailed information about the employee benefits program at Dollar General. After logging in, go to the Benefits tab where:

– Check health insurance, dental, vision and Rx plans.
– Register family members as dependents.
– Check your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) balance.
– Access to EAP (Employee Assistance Program) resources.
– View retirement savings plan details.

New employees have 30 days from the start date to select benefit options.

DGME Paystub

The Paystub section of My Information allows employees to:

– Search payslips by time period.
– View annual income and deductions.
– Download and print pay stubs from current and past years.
– Confirm bonus payment details.
– Verify final payouts after leaving Dollar General.

A digital approach makes it easy to accurately track income.

DGME wages

The Payroll page provides useful information regarding payroll cycles, schedules and documentation:

– Confirms the frequency of salary payments (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.)
– Shows details of tax deductions.
– Provides the company’s EIN number.
– Allows you to adjust the direct deposit settings.
– Includes due dates and issue dates for Form W2.

Employees should read this section to understand Dollar General’s payroll processes.

DGME plan

DGME’s scheduling feature helps employees manage work shifts effectively.

The main advantages include:

– Synchronizes shifts assigned in the scheduling application/system.
– Allows pickup and exchange of shifts within teams.
– Allows employees to request days off in advance.
– Monitors overtime hours.
– Keeps records of time off and holidays.

Managers can also use DGME plans to plan staffing needs, organize shift rotation and ensure optimal coverage across stores/DCs.

Dollar general customer service for employees

For additional support with the DGME portal or with HR-related questions, employees may contact Dollar General Customer Service at:

Phone: 1-877-463-1553

Email: [email protected]

About Dollar General

Dollar General opened its first store in 1955. In more than 65 years, it has become one of the most successful retail chains in America. With a continued focus on convenience, value and an efficient operating model, Dollar General strives to further expand its national footprint and provide economic opportunity in small communities.



Here are answers to some common questions about the DGME Paystub Portal:

How early can I access my paystub?

Pay stubs are available to view and download up to 2 days before the scheduled pay date. For bi-weekly payroll, they release over the weekend prior to the coming Friday.

What details are included in the DGME paystub?

Key elements shown are gross pay, federal/state taxes, pre- and post-tax deductions, reimbursements, accrued time off balances, YTD earnings etc.

Can I access previous pay stubs?

Yes, DGME allows easy access to pay stubs from the past 7 years for both current and former Dollar General employees.

How long are pay stubs available online?

Pay stubs on the DGME portal remain accessible for a period of 7 years from issue date.

  • What if I find an error in my online paystub?
  • In case of any paystub discrepancies, employees should contact the Dollar General HR team for swift resolution. Payroll corrections are issued as applicable based on review.

By providing on-demand access to payment details, DGME Paystub portal makes life easier for Dollar General’s hardworking store and distribution center staff nationwide.

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