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Do you shop at Family Dollar? If so, we invite you to take Family Dollar customer satisfaction survey on www.ratefd.com and let us know how your experience was.Get a chance to win $1000 cash daily plus $1500 weekly .

Your feedback is important as it helps us improve the shopping experience for all of our customers. It only takes a few minutes and will be worth it!

We appreciate your time and hope that you’ll share this with friends and family who also shop there. Thanks again for taking the time to help make Family Dollar better!

That’s why you need to take a family dollar customer survey and get a chance to win a family dollar Survey reward on your next visit to the family dollar store.

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We have provided all the instructions for the family dollar customer survey? which will help you to complete the whole family dollar online survey.


family dollar survey

Give Family Dollar Feedback in Survey Reward

Dear friends, if you follow our guidance about the Family Dollar survey and become a winner of this competition by submitting an honest feedback.

  • What is wrong with their store in order for them to fix it – then guess who gets $1000 cash daily plus another 1500$ every week!?

You do that’s right! It all comes down how much information we provide. So please take some time out from your day today (or not)and tell us what needs fixing at The Family dollar Store.

So they can improve customer satisfaction even more than before possible end up giving away over 3 grand total prizes each month just like last year when there were only two winners back then but still has yet

Note: The prize is not transferable and must be accepted as awarded. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner

Family Dollar Customer Satisfaction Survey Terms and Condition

  • The prize draw is only open to permanent residents of the United State
  • Aged 18 or older
  • Members of the family Dollar Group of Companies are not allowed to access the building.
  • survey entry form at http://www.ratefd.com/websurvey/2/execute#!/2
  • Entry of any other type will not be accepted.
  • Only two entries in the survey are permitted per household, per week.
  • The submissions made by third parties will not be considered
  • Winner will be notified by either email or by phone within 15 days from the end date.
  • Each participant is only eligible to be awarded a single Prize.
  • There is no responsibility for lost, late entries, unclear or misdirected entries.

Take the Official Family Dollar® Survey at www.ratefd.com

family dollar survey

  • Now you are at the family dollar guest feedback page.
  • Choose your language

family dollar survey

  • Enter the valid Transaction ID number.
  • After entering the family dollar receipt details you will be ented into the survey you should just give you last visit experience.
  • Give a rate to the family dollar survey and give an answer to the question honestly.
  • Answer to the question carefully.
  • Choose Gender, age, and more.
  • Now enter First name, Last name, and select email or telephone.
  • At the end of the survey, you will enter to win.

Family Dollar contact

Dollar’s main number at 1-844-636-7687.

Family Dollar near me

Family Dollar survey site

Final Words

I hope you’ve got all of the details as per your needs and enjoyed this site to give us feedback on what we do.

If you have any issues, please let me know below in the comment section and if you enjoy then please share with your friends! For more posts like these, be sure to visit https://customersurvey.onl/.

15 thoughts on “www.ratefd.com-Family Dollar Customer Satisfaction Survey”

  1. I have tried to access the “ratefd.com” site for Family Dollar Survey for 5 days, but keep getting a message that the site is having a problem. anyone know how to get on the survey site let me know.

  2. i think customer service & your official site needs major help. i called main office & wouldn’t you know it its closed so they said go to familydollar.com then to contact us then to email but there isn’t one.i want to make a complaint like NOW i made a purchase for something got the wrong product & not 2 minutes later i went back in & your employee/employees said sorry we cant exchange because of covid19 so tell me how does walmart target and many others will take returns.im on disability very limited income i really need these batteries for i use medical equipment ? any suggestions

  3. Yes I have a complaint about the store location # 00150 , this store has a problem with the credit card reader at one of the check outs. I was in there today and my card was able to move around in the slot, therefore causing a malfunction, like twice. It was very hard to not touch it while I was trying to type in my information. Cards in the slot like that are Not suppose to be able to move around like that. Someone needs to check that out. I was in there on 2 Jun 20.

  4. Store #06721, Sign on door (Masks are required in this store at all times due to COVID-19.
    I entered store with my face cover on Employees did not have face covers on and two out of five customers did not have face covers on. WHAT THE?????

  5. I love the family oriented environment. Also The amazing Employees make sure you have everything you need before checking out. All the Employees I have encountered at the store are very wonderful people. The smart coupons saving app is amazing and well worth it I highly recommend the app to anyone who looking for great savings

  6. I have been a customer regularly since it’s opening. Most of the time store #09091 in “Dubois, WY has been open, it has been a disaster, product piled in the aisles where you can’t get down them to shop, out of stock, etc. I know the associates work hard and are always short handed at this store. The new manager James F. is incredible. No matter what time of the day I go in, he is there working. (Does he get time off?) The store is neat and clean and product is on the shelves and neatly displayed making it a joy to shop there. Managers (and associates) are not paid enough for the work they are doing. James should be thanked profusely for the job he is doing by Family Dollar Corp. and hopefully compensated.

  7. my husband was in store 03788 121 N Crim Ave Belington, WV……. The manger their is very rude… he fore got to pick up a chip at the door… When he got to the registers she asked for a chip.. He said he fore got it she said she couldn’t check him out… very rude… Since when is it if don’t have a chip became a policy not to check u out and he would have to leave?? I have been in the store when she was rude to other people… Well Just lost him and me we won’t be back!!! Wonder how many other won’t be either.

  8. I was in the Lima Robb Avenue Store on Tuesday, asked for help and the clerk showed my where the bandages were and helped me find one for my sensitive skin, very helpful, very nice – couldn’t have asked for a better employee!

  9. Thank God for our store manager…store 7576 in West, Texas! For a long time, we had a loser manager at this store and it was always filthy and disorganized. We have Shannon now. The store is immaculate and fully stocked all the time. Nice wide aisles with no clutter…good deals with the smart app…if yall can get your website to cooperate. Total pain in the ass website with stupid unnecessary problems with the money yall have. This store could use more clothing items and house decor. Not all Family Dollars are good. It starts with a good manager who has some pride in the store.

  10. As a regular customer of your store # 09058, at 3118 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11208, I would like to know when are you going to have these two products:
    A) Cheerios, any size- PLAIN< WHITOUT HONEY,
    B) Driver's Choice All-Purpose Lubricant-8 Oz can
    Thank you,

  11. I was treated very well by Shaz this morning when l visit Watford boots.
    Just want to say thank you for your help and continue the good work.


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