Kohl’s Price Adjustment & Price Match Policy 2022

Kohl’s Price Adjustment Policy

Kohl’s Price Adjustment of some items if customers bought them at a regular or sale price that went down later. But customers must ask for a price change within two weeks of buying the item and bring the original receipt in order to get a refund for the difference.

Major stores offer discounts and special deals on items all year long, and they also have a policy for customers who just missed out on these deals and want to get the price back down to where it was.

So, if you’ve bought something from Kohl’s and then found out that the price went down after you bought it, you may be wondering: What is Kohl’s policy on price adjustments, and can you get the difference back? Find out by reading on!

Kohl’s Price Adjustment

How Do You Ask For A Price Adjustment At Kohls?

Customers who bought clothing or other things from Kohl’s online or at a physical store will have different options for requesting price adjustments.

If the purchase was made at a Kohl’s store, customers are needed to present their receipt to the Customer Service Desk. This also includes apparel and other things ordered online to be picked up in-store.

The Ask Us button at the page’s bottom allows customers to have a live conversation with customer care agents about requesting a price adjustment for an online order they placed at Kohls.com.

Note that customers who made online purchases can also get pricing adjusted at a local Kohl’s store.

 Kohl’s Price Match Policy

Kohl’s will match the price of identical items from kohls.com and other stores. But, with the exception of Amazon, they don’t match their competitors’ online prices.

But there are a few times when the price match doesn’t work. First of all, Kohl’s exclusions can’t be price matched. Besides that, Kohl’s won’t match competitors’ prices that come out during the week of Thanksgiving and the week after.

When asking for a price match, make sure you have a copy of the local ad for the same product from a competitor as proof of a lower price. The ad should say what the item is and how much it costs at retail or on sale from a competitor.

Method of Price Match at Kohl’s

There are a few important steps you need to take in order to price match.

  • You can apply for the price match if you found a different price on Kohl’s website.
  • You need to show the ad for the electronic device you saw, such as a sale ad on your cell phone.
  • Kohl’s will make sure the ad is real by matching it on a device of its own.
  • You can also ask for a price match on an item if you compare it to the price of the same item at a competitor’s store.
  • Give a copy of the ad you saw for the same product in a store that competes with us.
  • The sale price of the item you want to price match must be shown in the ad.
  • Show the bill for the item you bought from the store or site in question.
  • Kohl’s limits the right to cross-check prices at different competitors’ stores to make sure it will match the price.


In order to seek a price adjustment and avoid any potential issues, customers should familiarise themselves with Kohl’s Price Adjustment Policy. As long as the product is still within its eligibility window, the price will be adjusted even if it has previously been used.

Stores that honor pricing modifications on previously purchased items are more likely to retain their consumers. It’s a tactic that many American retailers have adopted, and it gives price-conscious shoppers a chance to save money.


Does Kohl’s Price Match Amazon?

Kohl’s will match the price of any product sold on Amazon. But items sold on Kohl’s.com can’t be matched in price with items sold on Amazon. Items from third-party sellers on Amazon can’t be matched in price at Kohls either.

The Kohl’s website says that if you want to make your price match request in-store, you should print a copy of the product page with the lower price as proof.