& Panda Express Survey

Panda Express Survey

Panda Express has designed a very effective Consumer Feedback survey Called Panda Express Survey Or Panda Express Feedback that aids them to monitor their services, products quality, and consistent taste. You can accessibly catch this survey at

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What is the Purpose of Panda Express Feedback?

Panda Express Feedback is carefully designed to gather the desired and useful information from the customer that can help the company to grow and flourish by delivery the top quality products to the market.

  • Recognize the trend of the market
  • Comprehend the changing preferences of the consumers
  • Understand what kind of taste consumers are looking for
  • To have an idea what sort of products the company must add in their menu
  • To find out the areas in which the company must invest to increase and satisfy its target market
  • To monitor the performance and involvement of the staff
  • To alter the menu and services based on the preferences and likings of the customers
  • To get an idea of how to maintain and improve the taste and quality of the food items
  • To thoroughly analyzed that which dishes are more famous among consumers and much more

PandaExpress/Feedback Rewards

The company has given you this platform which allows you to win a free meal only by filling simple feedback survey from at

By the end of this survey, you will get a

  • Panda Express 
    • Free Entree Item
    • Discounts on Food
    • Free Food
    • Birthday Perks Survey Rules And Requirements

Before beginning the Customer feedback survey at the official page, you must completely understand the eligibility criteria given by the company.

You cannot take part in this customer feedback survey if you do not comply with any of the specified conditions. To conduct the survey properly, make sure to read and apply the below-specified rules

  • You must visit any outlet of the Panda Express
  • You must purchase any product from their
    • main entrees,
    • wok smart options,
    • desserts,
    • appetizers, and others.
  • Valid purchase receipt of Panda Express.
  • You must have a strong
    • Strong Internet connection. Easily accessible from your
    • laptops,
    • smartphones,
    • I pad, and other smart devices.
  • Your age must be at least 18 or more.
  • Good Command Over
    • English
    • Espanol(Spanish)
  • You must be a legal resident of the United States of America.
  • The People Who can not able to take Panda Express Feedback,
    • Directors,
    • Employees,
    • Staff Members,
    • Representatives, and others designations.
  • The reward coupon is not incorporated with any other discount or promotional offers
  • The Purchase receipt is only applicable for 2 days.
  • Survey Taker is eligible for One Survey Per One Receipt
  • The survey reward only involves a free meal.
  • You cannot claim any cash reward.

How Many Methods to participate in Panda Express Free Entree Survey?

Panda Express is famous for bringing ease and convenience to its customers. The Chinese food company has appointed a whole team that is focusing on making this Panda Express Free Entree Survey effective and productive for both the company and the consumers.

Panda Express is using fully technology-based techniques to accumulate the appreciated and biased free information from their Customer.

To involve more and more customers for taking part in this survey, Panda Express is offering its customer two effective methods given below

  1. Participate by entering online or
  2. Participate in a reward-based survey by entering through phones.

Keep reading this article to get the step by step guide of how to fill this Customer Feedback survey online and offline

How Take PandaExpress/Feedback Survey Online?

To successfully and effectually fill the Panda Express Customer Feedback Survey, you should follow the following step by step guide. This will help you to complete this feedback survey productively with less time.

  • Visit the official website to start the Customer Feedback Survey
    • In order to take part in this survey online. You should visit the official page of the Panda Express survey at
    • You can access this page by using any of the mart devices including laptops, smartphones, tabs, mac, I pads, and others. Before starting the survey, make sure that you have a good internet connection.
    • This will boost your concentration of filling the survey
  • Understand the Survey privacy policy by Panda Express
    • When you will reach the official page of the customer feedback survey,
    • they will ask you to understand the basic privacy policy of the company for this Panda Express Feedback Survey. The website will direct you to the privacy policies by opening a link in a new tab of your browser
  • Enter the Store Number

    • The home page of the official website of Panda Express survey.
    • store number that you visited.
    • Typically, the store number consists of 4 to 5 digit numbers.
  • Panda Express Purchase Invoice
    • As depicted in the attached picture, you can easily find out the store number to be entered in the customer feedback survey at the top of the purchase receipt.


  • Starts the Panda Express Feedback Survey
    • After entering the store number click on the button Next for starting the customer feedback survey to win your desired meal for free.
  • Start answering the survey question
    • Once you will click the Next button, you will start getting the questions of the customer feedback survey.
    • This Panda Express survey is based on questions related to location, menu, staff, and services offered to the customers.
    • You have to rate your experience with the level of satisfaction that you acquired while making a purchase in Panda Express. The option to answer the questions that you will get includes
      • Highly satisfied
      • Satisfied
      • Not satisfied nor dissatisfied
      • Dissatisfied
      • Highly dissatisfied
  • Write your Feedback
    • While attempting the Panda Express Customer Feedback Survey, the company will ask you to give your detailed feedback.
    • This will enable you to explain your purchasing experience in the Panda Express restaurant. You can also complain if you face any quality or dealing issue in your purchasing process.
    • This option helps the company to understand which areas or departments need improvement and maintenance.
    • Moreover, it enables Panda Express to rectify complaints and problems faced by customers in more organized and timely manners.
  • Receive Panda Express Coupon
    • After finishing the Panda Express Customer Feedback Survey, you will get a reward coupon code.
    • You must save this code by writing on the purchase receipt. This is the most interesting and appealing part of the survey. You can use this coupon code on your next visit to Panda Express to enjoy your free meal.

How To Participate in Survey Via Offline?

If you do not have internet facility or you do not want to participate by visiting online, no issue Panda Express provides you an opportunity to win a free meal by taking part in the survey through your phones. You just have to follow the below simple steps

  • Firstly, you must visit any outlet of Panda Express restaurant and buy any of their products from the menu.
  • Keep the purchase receipt with you before participating in the survey
  • After this, dial on the provided hotline number to start the survey
  • The official hotline survey number is 888-51-PANDA
  • The system will ask you questions of the survey. You have to answer all the questions one by one
  • After completing the survey, the system will provide you the survey coupon code. You should write that code on the purchase receipt
  • In the end, enjoy your free meal at any Panda Express restaurant by showing the reward coupon to the staff.

Panda Express Feedback Survey Questionnaire

Panda Express Feedback Survey is particularly designed to bring continuous improvement and innovation in the service and products offered by Panda Express.

You should answer all the questions honestly and rationally so that your valuable feedback can bring positive changes to enhance your buying experience from your favorite Chinese food brand. You can find questions related to

  • Your level of satisfaction with the purchase from Panda Express
  • The quality of the food that you ordered
  • How were the taste, flavor, and temperature of the ordered food?
  • The environment and ambiance of the brand of Panda Express that you visited
  • The behavior and dealing of the staff during the purchasing process of your order
  • The overall cleanliness of the restaurant
  • Your experience with other offered services by Panda Express including catering, delivering, tasting and others
  • What must company add new in their menu?
  • How the company can improve the taste of their current menu?


Panda Express values the feedback and opinion of their clients so that it can provide the finest taste and quality to them.

With the help of this Customer Feedback survey, customers can get connected with the Panda Express by giving them their opinions.

It is extremely easy to fill this survey at and in the result; you can enjoy the tastiest Chinese meal for free by spending just your few minutes.