How Do I Activate My Payoneer Card? Payoneer Card Activation

How Do I Activate My Payoneer Card? Payoneer Card Activation

Did you just receive a new Payoneer Card?

You need to activate the card before you can use it even if the card is a replacement.

Payoneer usually mails a gift card to the cardholders in deactivated status for the security of cards and accounts. And so, you can not use a card without activating it.

You have to complete the Payoneer Card Activation procedure in order to get the card ready for use.

Payoneer offers various ways to activate the card. You can activate the card online through the online banking account or by Phone.

This article shows you how to activate your Payoneer Card before the first use.

Things required to Activate Payoneer Card

Before you start your activation process, make sure of the following things in handy –

  • Payoneer Card account number
  • Your Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
  • 3-digit security code from the back of your credit card
  • A valid email address

How to Activate Payoneer Card Online?

The process of activating your Payoneer Card online is as follows –

  • Launch your web browser.
  • Open the URL sent to you in the email from Payoneer. The URL should also be on the Payoneer card you received.
  • Be sure to type the correct URL as there are similar sites by hackers meant to steal these gift cards.
  • Now, log in to your online account using your Username and Password.
  • If you have not registered yet,  then click on the Sign Up Button.
  • Locate and select “Settings”, then “Card Management” in your online account.
  • Select the type of card you want to activate.
  • Click on “Activate”
  • Now, fill up the following in required field marks:
    • 16 digits Payoneer card number
    • Set 4 digits PIN
    • Then confirm the PIN
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your card.

Please note: You cannot activate a card if it has not arrived yet. You will need the full details of the card in order to activate it. You can activate the card at any time (if the card is not expired)

What happens if I don’t activate my Payoneer card?

If you haven’t activated any of them you can activate one of them and this will be your card- you can disregard the second. The annual fee will only apply if you have an active card with available funds. If you never received a payout, no fees will be or can be deducted from your account.

How Do I Request for Payoneer card?

To order a card from your online account:
  • Sign in to Payoneer.
  • Select Settings → Payoneer Cards.
  • Click Order a card, and follow the instructions.

Does Payoneer charge annual fee?

No, there are no Annual charges if you do not have a Payoneer Master Card. As far as you only send and receive funds on your Payoneer account then there are no Annual charges involved.

How can I avoid Payoneer annual fee?

If you do not have a card linked to your account, you will not be charged the annual fee.

If you do have a card linked to your account, the fee is only deducted if you have enough funds to cover it 🙂

Payoneer Card Activation Tips

  • Be sure to read your cardholder agreement carefully.
  • Don’t forget to sign the back of your card before using it.
  • Never save your username and password on any merchants sites while shopping.

Final Words

Hopefully, this information will be good enough for you to activate your Payoneer Card.

If you want to give your feedback or have any queries or questions, please write us below.

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