How Do I Activate Activation Guide setup Peacock TV is a streaming service. It allows people to watch NBC programming online via

  • Peacock is an American over-the-top video streaming service run by NBCUniversal, a Comcast company.
  • The company’s headquarters is at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City.
  • The name comes from the NBC logo. The service began on July 15, 2020.
  • The service features material from NBCUniversal studios and third-party content providers, including news, movies, sports, and TV series.
  • Peacock is a free service. The Peacock service has ad-supported and free versions with limited content.
  • Premium levels also give you access to more WWE Network and NBC Sports programming.

Here’s how to get Peacock TV on Roku, Android TV, Fire TV, LG Smart TV, and Apple TV. Find out how to get peacock on TV.

  • Enter Peacock TV on the Google Play Store.
  • Download and install.
  • Then install Peacock TV.
  • Start the Peacock TV app.
  • The activation code.
  • Enter the code at
  • Peacock TV allows you to stream content.

What exactly is Peacock TV?

  • First, go to
  • Install the Peacock TV App after downloading it.
  • Then, on your smartphone, open and run the Peacock TV App.
  • Log in to the Peacock TV App after you’ve started it (peacock tv sign in).
  • After you’ve authenticated, the screen will display an activation code.
  • Visit the activation page and enter the activation code.
  • You may now launch your Peacock App from your smart television.

How Do I Activate Peacock TV On Apple TV?

To activate Peacock TV on your Apple TV, follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the app store and look for the Peacock app.
  • You may now access the Peacock TV app (add peacock to apple tv).
  • Sign into the Peacock application after opening the Peacock TV app.
  • You do not need to join up if you already have an account.
  • Instead, you can use a Peacock television activation number to activate Peacock TV.
  • Please input the code at
  • Continue by clicking the button.
  • The procedure is now complete.
  • Peacock TV content is available on Apple TV.

How Do I Activate Peacock TV on Roku and Watch It?

  • Connect your Peacock TV to the Roku Channel Store by hitting the Add Channels button.
  • Then, launch the channel peacock TV.
  • Now is the time to finish the login procedure.
  • You must sign in with an activation code (peacock tv activate roku).
  • I was using your phone to scan the bar code.
  • After that, go to
  • It will request a Peacock TV Roku activation code.
  • You may access the Peacock on Roku by entering the Peacock TV activation number in the necessary section.

How Do I Activate Peacock TV on Amazon Fire Stick?

  • Go to the home button on your Amazon Firestick.
  • On Firestick, look for the downloader (download peacock on firestick).
  • When you get at the downloader program, input the Peacock TV address, which may be located at
  • It will take some time to install the program.
  • After installing the program (peacock tv on firestick), you may launch it and log in with your credentials.
  • After logging in, you will be able to access all of the services that are available if Peacock television is installed on the stick.

How Do I Activate Peacock TV on LG Smart TV?

  • Subscribe to peacock TV.
  • You may access your LG Smart TV home page after registering with a remote.
  • Select the Peacock TV apps from your LG content store.
  • Then, using the remote, highlight the app peacock TV and hit enter.
  • To download the Peacock TV application onto the LG smart TV, click the Install option (peacock on LG TV).
  • Now, log in using your login information.
  • You may now watch peacock television on your LG Smart TV.
  • If you do not need to give information for your TV, you can use Peacock’s TV activation technique.

 Why Peacock TV Can’t Work On Samsung TV?

  • Obtaining and viewing Peacock on Samsung Smart TV is feasible, but only on specific Samsung 2018 2019, 2020, and 2019 smart TVs that support AirPlay 2.
  • There is currently no built-in Samsung Smart TV Peacock app.
  • Peacock TV may be viewed on Samsung TV by mirroring your screen, using Airplay 2, and a Chromecast device (inbuilt or external).

What is the best way to watch Peacock TV?

  • The NBC Universal streaming service is available via the official website, – or the specially created Peacock application.
  • The software is available on Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV 4K.
  • The Peacock application is available for the Xbox Series S, Series X, and Series S, as well as the Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and PlayStation 5. []
  • Google platforms and devices include Android and Android TV devices.
  • Chromecast with built-in Google TV and Chromecast devices
  • Streamers from Amazon, such as the Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Cube.
  • On Fire TV devices, there are 15 extra applications, including NBC, NBC News, NBC Sports, Bravo, and Telemundo.
  • Roku devices, including the Roku Streambar, as well as certain LG, Vizio [upgrade at], and Samsung smart TVs.
  • Amazon Fire TV devices include Fire TV (2nd Gen and up), Fire tablets (OS5 and above), and Fire Sticks.

What is The Price of Peacock TV & Free Trial Period?

To find out how much Peacock TV costs, or to get a free trial voucher, browse at the tiers below. No trial code is required to watch the service’s free programs.

Peacock TV has 3 tiers:

  • Peacock is free to download.
  • It doesn’t require a credit card and has over 13,000 hours of content.
  • You must watch 5 minutes of commercials every hour.

Affluent Peacock (with ads):

  • 20,000 hours of content
  • It costs $5/month or $50/year.

Affluent Peacock (ad-free)

  • The cost is $10 per month or $100 per year.
  • If you don’t want advertising interrupting your time.
  • Peacock’s 7-day trial is over.

Peacock Premium vs. Peacock Free

  • The free edition of the site has over 13000 hours of video, including movies like The Bourne Identity, American Psycho, The Matrix, and The Sting.
  • Get NBC TV episodes every week after the show airs, from successes like 30 Rock and The Blacklist to oldies like Murder She Wrote, Columbo and Saturday Night Live.
  • Live sports on the free tier include Premier League events, US Open Championship coverage, NFL games, and Tokyo 2020 Olympics games.
  • There’s no excuse not to join Peacock as it’s free.
  • Paying $5 per month for Peacock Premium gives you access to an extra 700 hours of content, including every episode of Cheers, House, and Law & Order.
  • You also receive all Peacock TV originals, ranging from global comedy classics like Girls5Eva to thought-provoking films like the BBC-produced Anthony, about a racist assassination in Liverpool.
  • More live sports, including Premier League football, WWE pay-per-view events like Wrestlemania, and the Tokyo Olympics, are available with Peacock Premium (more about this in the near future).

Peacock monitors with 4K resolution

  • Peacock does not stream in 4K.
  • It also lacks HDR and Dolby Atmos audio.

Only $4.99/mo for Peacock TV Premium [Peacock membership fee]

  • The Premium plan is $4.99 per month ($10 for ad-free). You are under no obligation to continue and can cancel at any time.
  • Access to over 220,000 hours of TV films and series.

Peacock TV Streaming Services Benefits

Peacock TV has the following unique features:

  • Hundreds of movies and TV series.
  • Shows and movies for kids.
  • 30+ Peacock channels subscribed
  • Subtitled in Spanish. Spanish
  • Exclusive Peacock OG
  • Shows and Events
  • WWE pay-per-view
  • Channels for News, Sports, and Entertainment

How To Join Peacock TV with a Smartphone, Laptop, or Streaming Device?

Accounts may be created on cellphones, computers or streaming devices.

For peacock TV, follow the steps below. Then you may buy a peacock premium membership.

How To Sign up Peacock Tv on a laptop?

  • On the official website, click “Join”.
  • To join, enter your your address and create a password.
  • Once confirmed, you may access your peacock TV account at any moment to manage your subscription.

How To Sign up Peacock TV on a mobile phone?

Get the Peacock TV app for your phone (iPhone, Android, iPads, etc.) to join up. For Android, use Google Play, and for iPhone, use the App Store.

  • Once installed via official or third-party stores, open it.
  • Join or watch for free.
  • Sign up with your information and you’re set.

How To Sign Up Peacock Tv on Streaming device?

  • Aside from those two, you can get a free premium Peacock TV subscription on your streaming devices.
  • Use a Firestick, Roku, or Android TV box.
  • Simply go to the app stores on those devices and install the app (no need of peacock account settings).
  • Then click “Watch for Free” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Peacock-friendly devices, browsers, and OS

In addition, Peacock TV supports third-party software downloads from the Google Play Store and third-party marketplaces. It works in all recent web browsers.

All streaming devices support Peacock TV. It’s also on all major gaming consoles. Peacock TV also works on mobile phones and set-top boxes.

Below are all gadgets. It is backed by:

  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Smart TVs (LG, Samsung, etc.)
  • Nvidia Shield TVs
  • Mi Box and other android TV boxes
  • Fire TV
  • Xfinity
  • Contour Set-top boxes
  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Xbox
  • PS4
  • Chrome
  • Mozilla firefox
  • Microsoft Edge or MS Edge
  • Safari
  • DuckduckGo
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • FirePhone

How Do I Activate Peacock TV on Smart TV?

  • Join the service. Your smartphone, PC, or streaming device can do it. Remember that creating an account on a smartphone or laptop is simple.
  • Use your valid subscription to enable Peacock TV on your smart TV after creating an account and signing up.
  • Install the Peacock TV app on your smart TV and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • This way, you may view all your subscription’s movies and TV series on your smart TV.

How To Cancel Peacock Premium Subscription from Your Device?

The ways to cancel your membership on are as follows:

  • Go to Plans & Payment on your account.
  • Then choose modify plans.
  • Choose Peacock Free to downgrade to a free plan at the conclusion of your payment month.
  • You will receive a screen and email confirmation (E-mail may take 2-3 hours or sometimes more)

How To Cancel Peacock TV’s Google Play subscription?

To cancel your membership, you must use the Peacock TV app on your Android phone. The good news is that you can cancel your membership at any time.

In the Google Play Store, there are two ways to cancel Peacock TV. You may do it from your smartphone or from your computer.

Cancel on android phone:

  • On the first screen of Google Play Store, tap the menu button. Select “subscriptions” from there. The list of applications is there. Choose “Cancel” for Peacock app.

Cancel on PC:

  • Login to Google Play Store. Subscriptions and applications are mentioned under current/active subscriptions. Find Peacock and click “Cancel”.
  • You may also cancel Peacock TV by visiting this Google cancel subscription flow and selecting your Google account from any device.

How to deactivate Peacock Subscription on iOS?

If you wish to cancel your subscription for Peacock on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad or any other Apple device, follow these steps:


  • Go to the App Store and pick your profile.
  • Click Subscriptions, choose Peacock, and cancel.
  • To cancel, follow the remainder of the procedures.

Apple TV:

  • Go to your Apple TV’s settings.
  • Click on Account under Users & Accounts.
  • Select Peacock and cancel.


  • Launch iTunes on your PC.
  • Click View My Account and enter your password.
  • Then click to Settings, Subscriptions, and manage.
  • Click on Peacock, then cancel your membership.

***Remember to choose “Turn Off Auto-Renewal” if your device does not provide a cancel option. This ends your subscription at the conclusion of the billing cycle.

How Do I Cancel Peacock Subscription On Roku?

From Roku player (* button on Roku remote)

  • Open the Peacock app on Roku.
  • Select Manage Subscription from the option menu by pressing the * option button.
  • Unsubscribe.

From a PC:

  • Log in at
  • Select Peacock and click Unsubscribe.

How Do I Cancel Peacock TV Subscription on Amazon?

To cancel a Peacock membership on an Amazon device, switch off auto-renewal on the Amazon website, Amazon App Store, or Kindle Fire Tablet.

From Amazon:

  • Visit and select “Your Account” from the top right menu.
  • To sign in with your credentials, select “Your Android Apps and Devices”.
  • Select “Cancel Subscription” under “Your Subscription”.

Fire Tablets:

  • Click Store in your Amazon app.
  • Subscription from the menu.
  • Select “Cancel Subscription” from the Peacock menu.

Amazon Appstore:

  • Select “Subscription” from the options.
  • Select “Cancel Subscription” from the Peacock menu.

How Do I Cancel your Xfinity Peacock Premium Subscription?

  • To cancel your Peacock premium subscription on Xfinity, go to the Xfinity home page and choose “Manage My Subscription”.
  • Or use the Info button on your remote to see your subscription. If you already have a Peacock Premium subscription, you may unsubscribe.
  • To cancel your Peacock Premium Subscription on Xfinity, go to (peacock tv xfinity).



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