Walmart Paystub Portal Login

Former and Current Employees can access their Walmart paystub and payroll information conveniently through the WalmartOne associate portal.  Complete details on how to check Walmart paystubs online or get physical copies from the portal.

How to get Pay Stubs from Walmart?

Walmart makes pay stubs available through three main channels – the WalmartOne portal, Mail/Email, and the store’s HR department. Employees can opt for either digital or paper formats based on personal preference.

Walmart Paystub Portal – WalmartOne – The Associate Money Network

The WalmartOne portal offers secure online access to pay stubs along with many other useful tools for associates. After logging in, employees can navigate to Money in the menu and select “Paystub” under Associate Paystub.

Here are the steps to view Walmart paystubs online:

Walmart paystub portal
Walmart paystub portal login page

1. Go to .

2. Enter your Walmart ID/username and password.

3. Click View Paystub under Associate > Money .

4. Select Pay Period to see specific pay stub data.

5. Print or save PDF copy as required.

In addition to current pay period details, the Paystub portal also lists pay statements from the past 18 months.

How to Get Walmart Paystubs from WalmartOne App?

For added convenience, Walmart offers the WalmartOne app for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Associates can immediately access digital copies of their latest or previous paystubs 24/7 through the app.

It enables employees working shifts to quickly verify pay accuracy or address any discrepancies without delays.

Check Mail for Walmart Paystubs

Associates who prefer physical copies can opt for paper Walmart pay stubs sent directly to their mailing address via USPS. These mailed versions include Year-to-Date summary with cumulative income and deductions.

Walmart Paystubs from HR Department

Even if previous pay period stubs are unavailable on the portal, employees can always contact their store’s HR office in person. The People Lead will be able to furnish computer-generated duplicates upon request.

These various channels make it efficient for current and past staff to get Walmart pay statements conveniently.

Essential information and suggestions to stay informed For Walmart Pay Stub:

1. Official Communication Channels:

  • OneWalmart Homepage: Check for announcements or banners highlighting any login changes.
  • Walmart’s Internal Communication Tools: Stay alert for updates within the Associate Portal or other internal communication methods.
  • Managerial Guidance: Consult your manager or supervisor for the most current information and assistance.

2. Potential Changes to Anticipate:

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Walmart might expand its use of 2FA for enhanced security. This could involve using a code from a mobile device or app for login verification.
  • New Login Page or Process: The login page or steps might undergo revamps for better user experience or security.
  • Password Requirements: Security standards could prompt changes in password complexity or update frequency.
  • Access from Personal Devices: Restrictions on accessing paystubs from personal devices might be implemented for data protection.

3. Best Practices:

  • Bookmark Official Links: Use only official links from OneWalmart or trusted internal resources to avoid phishing scams.
  • Update Contact Information: Ensure Walmart has your current phone number and email for prompt notifications.
  • Review Login Instructions Regularly: Check the Associate Portal or internal resources for updated login guidance.
  • Seek Help When Needed: Contact your manager, HR representative, or IT support if you encounter issues or need clarification.

4. Additional Tips:

  • Maintain Strong Passwords: Use unique, complex passwords and avoid sharing them.
  • Be Cautious of Phishing Attempts: Never provide login credentials through unsolicited emails or suspicious websites.
  • Report Suspicious Activity: Promptly report any suspected security breaches to Walmart’s IT security team.


  • Pay stub login details: Accessing individual pay stubs requires secure login credentials, and sharing these would pose a significant security risk.
  • Walmart Associate Portal: Walmart employees can access their current and past pay stubs through the secure Associate Portal using their assigned login credentials. You can find the portal login page on the official Walmart website under “OneWalmart.”
  • Employment Verification: Walmart uses an authorized third-party service for employment verification. If you are a potential employer seeking to verify employment history, you can contact Walmart through the methods outlined on their official website under “Associate Employment Verification.”
  • General Reference Guidelines: Many online resources offer guidance on writing and requesting professional references. While not specific to Walmart, these resources can provide valuable tips and ensure you follow appropriate protocols.