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  1. Very disapointing ordered 3 boxes at the Martyn st kfc in Cairns waited over halfer hr no zinger chicken no wingdings no potato for the gravy no lettuce. Just no. Maybe my expectations were to high

  2. I was served today by Matthew at the Renmark KFC, South Australia, I was greeted with smiling eyes coming from behind a covid mask which could not contain Matthew’s smile. The words of greeting included “… back again, good to see you …” I have had Matthew a few times before, and his pleasantriesare really nothing new. My colleague felt like valued customers, not Order 239 forthe day. While eating, we received a phone call asking us to get KFC for a friend in hospital. One re-entering, Matthew smiled and said “back so soon”. I advised him that we were grabbing a meal for a friend in hospital. When passing the meal to me Matthew said ” … Wish your friend the best.” Thank you Matthew.

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