’s Canada Survey 2023

McDonald’s Canada encourages all customers to take a few minutes to complete the online Mcdonald’s survey Canada available at
The McDonald’s Survey allows customers to share feedback on their recent dining experience at any McDonald’s location across Canada.
For customers, the survey is a chance to shape future McDonald’s visits for the better.
By voicing their praise, concerns, and suggestions, customers directly help McDonald’s identify strengths and weaknesses.
In return for providing feedback, customers get rewarded with validation codes for free food as well as sweepstakes entries.
For McDonald’s, the survey generates insights into meeting customer expectations. This allows each location to deliver excellent food, service, cleanliness, and overall dining experiences.
By listening to customers through surveys, McDonald’s can tailor offerings to diner preferences. Read on for a step-by-step guide to complete the McDonald’s Survey online and make your voice heard!

Purpose of McDonald’s Survey in Canada

McDonald’s Canada launched their online survey to gather direct feedback from customers about their experiences. The survey focuses on key aspects of customers’ visits, including:

  • Food quality – taste, freshness, temperature, etc.
  • Menu options – choices, availability of promotional items, customization, etc.
  • Service – friendliness, speed, order accuracy, etc.
  • Cleanliness – dining area, restrooms, etc.
  • Convenience – accuracy of drive-thru orders, wait times, etc.
  • Overall experience – satisfaction and likelihood to return

By conducting regular customer satisfaction surveys, McDonald’s identifies strengths and weaknesses at each location. This allows them to track performance over time and pinpoint areas needing improvement. Ultimately, the goal is to use customer feedback to provide excellent quality, service, cleanliness, and convenience across every McDonald’s restaurant.

Eligibility for Taking the McDonald’s Survey Canada

To take the McDonald’s Survey, customers must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Made a purchase at McDonald’s in Canada within the last 14 days
  • Have the 12-digit survey code printed on their receipt
    – The code is unique to each visit
  • Have internet access to complete the online survey
    – Available at

The survey code allows McDonald’s to connect the feedback to the specific restaurant location, date, and time. This ensures customers provide feedback based on their recent dining experience.

Without meeting the eligibility requirements, customers will not be able to successfully start and complete the McDonald’s Survey.

Steps to Take the McDonald’s Survey Canada

Taking part in the McDonald’s Survey Canada is a quick and simple process:

Follow these simple steps to take the McDonald’s Survey online:

Visit Survey Website

Go to in your internet browser. The website works on desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile devices for convenience.

Select Language

Choose between taking the survey in English or French. Select the flag icon accordingly.

Enter Survey Code

When prompted, accurately enter the 12-digit survey code printed on your McDonald’s receipt.

Answering Survey Questions

The survey contains between 10-15 multiple choice questions about your recent McDonald’s experience. Questions may cover food quality, service, cleanliness, convenience, and other factors at that specific location.

Rating Customer Experience

Each question will ask you to rate various aspects of your visit on a scale from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied. Be sure to answer honestly so McDonald’s gets authentic feedback.

Contact Information

At the end, you will be prompted to enter your contact information including phone number and email address. This is optional for sweepstakes entry.

Validation Code

After finishing the survey, you will receive a validation code. Write this down to redeem for a free menu item on your next McDonald’s order.

After Taking the Mcdonald’s Survey Canada

Once you have completed the McDonald’s Survey online, make sure to take advantage of the benefits:

Redeem Rewards

Bring your validation code back to any Canadian McDonald’s within 30 days. Show it when ordering to get your free menu item. You can typically redeem for sandwiches, hash browns, McFlurries, and more.

Sweepstakes Entry

By entering your contact information, you are automatically entered into the monthly McDonald’s sweepstakes. The prizes change each month but may include free food, coupons, McDonald’s merchandise, or cash rewards.

Improving Future Visits

The most important benefit is using your voice to directly shape better future McDonald’s experiences. By rating your satisfaction and providing feedback, you help your local McDonald’s identify strengths and weaknesses to enhance service, food, and cleanliness.

Survey Benefits for McDonald’s Canada

By listening to customer feedback through the survey, McDonald’s Canada can:

  • Identify areas of excellence at top performing locations to implement best practices across all restaurants
  • Recognize service issues, food inconsistencies, cleanliness problems, or other weaknesses to improve
  • Analyze menu offerings and promotions to determine which items customers love and want more of
  • Monitor long term changes and trends in customer satisfaction scores
  • Reward loyal customers with sweepstakes entries and validation codes to drive repeat visits
  • Remain competitive against other major QSR chains like Burger King and Wendy’s

In summary, the McDonald’s Survey allows the fast food giant to tap directly into customer preferences, frustrations, praises, and suggestions. This powers real improvements that customers will notice and appreciate on future visits. It helps maintain brand loyalty even with rising burger chain competition. For McDonald’s Canada, the survey provides priceless data to exceed diner expectations.


The McDonald’s Survey is a vital tool for enhancing customer satisfaction across McDonald’s Canada. By completing the short survey after dining, customers have the power to directly shape their future McDonald’s experiences. McDonald’s, in turn, can use this feedback to identify strengths, isolate weaknesses, analyze menu offerings, reward loyal customers, and compete against other major QSR chains.

With competitive pressure in the fast food landscape, the survey allows McDonald’s Canada to tap into the voice of the customer. Using these insights, diners are sure to notice improved quality, service, cleanliness, convenience, and overall satisfaction on each visit. For a world-leading burger chain, keeping a finger on the pulse of diner preferences is critical. McDonald’s Survey provides the perfect feedback channel to create better dining experiences that keep customers coming back.

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McDonald’s Canada Survey FAQs

What are some common questions asked in the McDonald’s Survey Canada?

Some common McDonald’s Survey questions include rating your satisfaction with the taste of food items, friendliness of staff, order accuracy, speed of service, cleanliness of dining area and restrooms, convenience of parking, and accuracy of drive-thru orders.

How long does it take to complete the McDonald’s Survey?

The McDonald’s Survey takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. It contains around 10-15 multiple choice questions about your recent experience. You will rate various aspects of your visit on a scale from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied.

What is the reward for taking the McDonald’s Survey?

You will get a validation code upon survey completion to redeem for one free menu item on your next McDonald’s order. You are also entered into the monthly sweepstakes to win McDonald’s coupons or other prizes.

How do I redeem the McDonald’s Survey validation code?

Bring your validation code back to any Canadian McDonald’s within 30 days. Show your code to the cashier when ordering and redeem it for one free sandwich, hash brown, McFlurry, or other eligible menu item.

Is there a limit to how many times I can take the McDonald’s Survey?

You can only take the McDonald’s Survey once per receipt. Each receipt has a unique 12-digit survey code that can only be used to take the survey one time. However, you can complete the survey after every McDonald’s purchase.

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