How to Schedule a Bank of America Appointment?

Scheduling an appointment at Bank of America can be done easily online, over the phone, or by walking into a branch. Here are the main ways to book a Bank of America appointment to meet with a banker, financial advisor, or account manager.

How To Make a Bank of America Appointment Online?

The easiest way to schedule a Bank of America appointment is through their online appointment booking system.

To schedule an online appointment:

  1. Go to the Bank of America appointments page at
  2. Enter your location to find nearby branches.
  3. Select your preferred date, time, and branch.
  4. Choose the type of appointment you need – new account, loans, investments, etc.
  5. Enter your contact information to book the appointment.

You will receive an email confirmation with details of your scheduled Bank of America appointment. You can also cancel or reschedule online if needed.

How To Call Bank of America to Schedule an Appointment?

To schedule a Bank of America appointment over the phone:

  1. Call 1-844-401-8500. This is the Bank of America dedicated appointment line.
  2. Speak with a Bank of America representative to find a branch location convenient for you.
  3. Choose a date and time for your appointment that works with your schedule.
  4. Provide your contact details so the branch can confirm your scheduled meeting.

Calling ahead ensures you get an appointment that fits your availability rather than just walking in. It also allows the branch employees to prepare and have any paperwork ready.

Walk In for a Bank of America Appointment

You can also schedule an impromptu Bank of America appointment by walking into any branch.

When you arrive:

  • Let the greeter know you want to schedule an appointment.
  • They will check branch availability for that day.
  • You may need to wait if bankers are not readily available.

Walking in only works if you are flexible on timing and the branch has openings. Scheduling online or by phone is best for making a confirmed Bank of America appointment.

Key Tips for Scheduling Your Appointment

  • Make appointments for more complex needs like loans, investments, business banking. Simple transactions like deposits can be done at the teller.
  • Have your account information and ID ready when you arrive for your appointment.
  • Arrive 10 minutes early to complete any extra paperwork before meeting with your banker.
  • You can schedule appointments up to 3 days in advance online or by phone.
  • Cancel or reschedule appointments online or by phone if your plans change.

Overall, Bank of America offers a flexible appointment system. With many options – online, phone, or in branch walk-ins – you can easily schedule a time to get personalized service for your banking needs.

Bank of America Appointment Phone Number

The dedicated Bank of America appointment phone number is 1-844-401-8500. This is the best number to call to schedule, change, or cancel an appointment at any Bank of America branch.

When you call this Bank of America appointment line, here are some tips for getting the most out of your call:

  • Have your account information ready – account numbers, address, phone number, etc. This allows the representative to pull up your details quickly.
  • Know the general reason for your appointment – opening an account, applying for a loan, investment consultation, etc. This helps get you booked with the right banker.
  • Provide multiple location options if possible. Give the representative flexibility on branches close to home or office if available.
  • Have your calendar handy to provide date/time options for your appointment.
  • Write down the confirmation details – date, time, branch address, banker’s name.
  • Get contact information for the branch location in case you need to reschedule.

Calling the dedicated appointment number allows you to schedule a Bank of America appointment entirely over the phone. The representative can check branch availability, find the right specialist for your needs, and email a confirmation of your booking.

Bank of America Appointment Address

To find the address for your local Bank of America branch appointment:

  • Go to
  • Enter your zip code or city and state.
  • Select a branch that is convenient for you.
  • The branch listing will include the full street address, phone number, and hours.
  • You can use this address when scheduling an appointment online or over the phone.
  • Enter the address in your GPS or mapping app to find directions for your appointment.
  • The address ensures you arrive at the right branch location since many areas have multiple Bank of America locations.

Some tips for choosing a Bank of America appointment branch address:

  • Pick a location close to your home or office if possible.
  • Check branch hours – some have weekend and evening availability.
  • Larger branches may have more appointment availability.
  • Make sure the branch has specialists for your needs – business bankers, mortgage lenders, investment advisors.

Knowing the right Bank of America branch address ensures you arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. You can also call the branch directly with any questions prior to your visit.

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What to Bring to Your Bank of America Appointment?

When you arrive for your scheduled Bank of America appointment, make sure you come prepared with the necessary documents and information. This will ensure the meeting goes smoothly and the banker can fully assist with your needs.


The first thing the branch employees will ask for is your ID. Make sure to bring:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Other valid photo ID

Bringing proper identification verifies your identity and allows the banker to access your accounts or application information.

Account Information

If you already have Bank of America accounts, have these details ready:

  • Account numbers
  • Online/mobile app login credentials
  • Recent account statements
  • Debit/credit card numbers

This information simplifies accessing your accounts and transactions during the appointment.


For appointments involving opening accounts, loans, or other applications, bring supporting documents like:

  • Pay stubs
  • Tax returns
  • Business licenses
  • Investment statements from other institutions

These documents help the banker process your application and make informed recommendations tailored to your needs.


Come with any questions you want to ask written down. This will ensure all your topics are covered during the appointment.

Being prepared for your Bank of America appointment sets you up for success and optimal benefit from your time with the banker or advisor.

How to Get the Most Value from Your Appointment?

To maximize the value from your scheduled Bank of America appointment, here are some final tips:

  • Arrive early – allow time for check-in, ID verification, and any additional paperwork.
  • Have your main questions written down along with any relevant documents.
  • If opening an account, ask about minimum balance requirements and monthly fees.
  • For loans, ask about interest rates, terms, fees, and eligibility.
  • For investments, understand the risks, expected returns, and strategic fit for your goals.
  • Don’t feel rushed – take time to understand recommendations and fine print.
  • Request business cards from the bankers you meet with for any follow-up.
  • Schedule a series of ongoing appointments if needed for complex services.

With preparation and by asking the right questions, your Bank of America appointment can provide valuable insight and personalized solutions for all your banking and financial needs.

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How to Cancel or Reschedule a Bank of America Appointment?

If your schedule changes and you need to cancel or reschedule a Bank of America appointment, you can easily do so online or by phone.

Cancel or Reschedule Online

If you booked your appointment through the Bank of America website:

  • Go to
  • Log in to your account
  • Find your scheduled appointment and select “Cancel” or “Reschedule”
  • Enter the reason for cancelling or pick a new date/time

You will receive an email confirming your appointment cancellation or your new booking time.

Call Bank of America

If you originally scheduled over the phone:

  • Call 1-844-401-8500, the dedicated appointment line
  • Provide your appointment confirmation details
  • Explain you need to cancel or reschedule
  • Work with the representative to find a new time, or cancel outright

Calling allows you to easily modify your appointment without having to go online.

Notify the Branch

As an extra courtesy, call the branch directly where your appointment was scheduled.

  • Explain you cancelled/rescheduled through the website or main line.
  • This allows them to free up the calendar for other customers.

With Bank of America’s flexible options, you can easily cancel or reschedule your in-branch appointment when needed. Being proactive allows ample notice so the branch can best accommodate all scheduling requests.

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