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Hey there, fellow Macca’s fan! We all know Macca’s is as Aussie as Vegemite, right? Whether you’re grabbing a feed after the footy or making a midnight burger run, Macca’s is always there. But sometimes, things aren’t quite bonzer. Maybe your chips were cold, or the service was a bit off. That’s where your voice comes in!

Macca’s Australia really wants to hear about your latest visit. Good or not so good, your thoughts matter. Was the crew super friendly or did your nuggets need a bit more sizzle? Whatever it is, sharing at macc.as/feedback helps Macca’s keep improving. They want every visit to be legendary!

Ever done the Maccas feedback survey? It’s your chance to be heard. Whether it was a ripper of a meal or a bit of a letdown, Macca’s Australia wants to know. Was it a good, bad, or so-so experience? Did you smash a Big Mac meal or try something new? Most importantly, how was it? Clean restaurant? Helpful staff? Was your food fresh and tasty?

Now, you might be wondering, “Do they really care what I think?” Too right, they do! Every comment at macc.as/feedback or through the Maccas feedback Inmoment system helps them see what needs work—like staff courtesy, food quality, and restaurant cleanliness.

And it’s not just Down Under! From McDonald’s feedback in India to McDonald’s feedback in Delhi, they’re listening worldwide. So, if you’ve got a mate visiting from India, let them know their thoughts count too!

Got a bigger issue? No worries. There’s a McDonald’s Australia complaints email address for more serious concerns. And if you’re unsure what to say, there are plenty of Maccas feedback templates online to help you out.

So, what are you waiting for? Your feedback makes Macca’s better for all of us. Whether it’s a quick survey or an email, every bit helps. Together, we can make sure our beloved Macca’s stays true blue fantastic. Give it a go—your thoughts could make someone’s Macca’s run even better next time!

maccas feedback

Maccas Feedback – Free Small Fries Reward

Once you complete the Macca customer complaint survey then you will get a chance to win a validation code.

www.macc.as/feedback • McDonald’s Feedback Needs

  • Purchase – No necessary
  • LEGAL RESIDENTS– Australia
  • AGE – 18 YEARS
  • Languages are known: English
  • Receipt: with Survey Invitation
  • Price: Validation Code
  • Note: Employees, officers, and directors or members of the same households are not eligible.

How to take Macc.as/Feedback Survey?

maccas feedback

  • Now you are on the official page of the Macca Survey.
  • Open your receipt and Select the details as per needed and begin the survey process

maccas feedback

  • Give an answer to the Macca feedback question

maccas feedback

  • Now give rate by giving an answer to the question.
  • And Please tell them the reasons for your score.

maccas feedback

  • Enter your first name, Last name, and phone number.
  • And finish the survey.

Macca’s customer service number

Customer Service number 02 9875 7100
Opening hours 8 am – 5.30 pm EST (Monday – Friday)

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Maccas Feedback FAQS

Does Mcdonalds do anything about complaints?

Your formal complaint must be submitted on the Better Business Bureau’s website. If you file a complaint with the Bureau, they will look into it and try to mediate a solution. The deadline for a response to a valid complaint is 60 days from the date it was received.

Can Mcdonalds Australia collect personal information about its customers without consent?

McD’s takes concerns about personal data extremely seriously. It has been our pleasure to serve our patrons for many years. McDonald’s will not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from anyone under the age of 18 without the approval of a parent or legal guardian.

Can you use Mcdonalds survey code at any location?

McDonald’s coupons are only redeemable when ordering a pickup meal through the McDonald’s app.

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