lowes.com/activate To Activate Lowes Credit Card

Lowеs.com/activatе is thе wеbsitе to go to activatе your Lowеs crеdit card. Lowеs crеdit card activation can bе donе onlinе at www.lowеs.com/activatе or lowes.syf.com/activate by еntеring your activation codе and othеr pеrsonal dеtails.

Thе activation codе can bе found on thе stickеr on your nеw crеdit card. Oncе activatеd, you can start using your Lowеs crеdit card for purchasеs and can latеr makе Lowеs crеdit card paymеnts at lowеs.com/login.

For issuеs with Lowеs crеdit card activation or login, you can call thе Lowе’s synchrony bank customеr sеrvicе at thе Lowеs crеdit card phonе numbеr.

Thе Lowеs crеdit card app also allows cardholdеrs to activatе thеir card, makе paymеnts, viеw statеmеnts and transactions, and managе thеir accounts onlinе. Ovеrall, Lowеs crеdit card activation and login can bе еasily donе onlinе or on thе app aftеr rеcеiving your 16-digit account numbеr and 4-digit activation codе.

How To Activate Lowes Credit Card Online on www.lowes.com/activate?

To activate your Lowe’s credit card online, visit lowes.com/activate and click “Register” to create your account login details if you do not already have them.

  1. Visit the Lowe’s card activation website
    • Go to lowes.com/activate on your web browser
  2. Register for your Lowes credit card account
    • Click on “Register” to create your account login credentials if you do not already have them
  3. Enter required account details
    • Enter your 16-digit Account Number
    • Enter your billing ZIP code (You can find these details printed on your physical credit card or paper statement)
  4. Click “Continue”
    • This will take you to the next steps to create your online login
  5. Create your online login credentials
    • Follow the on-screen prompts to create your username and password
    • This will be your Lowe’s credit card login for lowes.com
  6. Access your account online
    • After activation, you can use your newly created login to access your account and manage your Lowe’s credit card

Here are the steps to activate your Lowe’s credit card using your online login:

Here are the steps to activate your Lowe’s credit card using your online login:

1. Go to lowes.com/activate

2. Enter your Lowe’s online login credentials
– Your username/email and password

3. Click “Secure Login”

4. In your Lowe’s Online Account, go to your Account Dashboard

5. Select the “Card” section

6. Click “Activate Card”

7. Enter the card details when prompted:
– 16-digit card number
– Expiration date

8. Click “Activate”

9. Your Lowe’s Advantage Card is now active

You can now start using your activated Lowe’s credit card to make purchases online or in-store and earn rewards.

How To Activate Lowe’s Credit Card By Phone?

Activating your Lowe’s credit card by phone is easy and only takes a few minutes. Just follow these steps:

  1. Call the number on the sticker located on the front of your new Lowe’s credit card. The number is 1-800-967-5630.

  2. Follow the automated phone prompts to activate your card. You will need to enter:

    • Your 16-digit account number printed on the front of the card
    • The last 4 digits of your social security number
  3. The automated system will guide you through any additional steps to confirm your identity and activate your account.

  4. You will receive a confirmation message when your Lowe’s credit card has been successfully activated over the phone.

Once activated, you can immediately start using your card at any Lowe’s store nationwide or online at Lowes.com.

Be sure to log in and register your account on Lowes.com to easily manage your Lowe’s credit card, make payments, view statements, and more.

Contact Lowe’s by phone if you have any issues activating your new credit card over the automated phone system.

How To Activate Lowes Credit Card At Lowe’s Store?

Here is a guide on how to activate your Lowe’s card in-store:

If you prefer, you can activate your new Lowe’s credit card by visiting your local store rather than activating online or by phone.

Here is the process to activate your card at any Lowe’s store location:

1. Bring your new Lowe’s credit card to any Lowe’s store.

2. Inform the cashier or customer service desk that you need to activate your new credit card.

3. Provide the cashier with your 16-digit card number and the 4-digit security code. This information is printed on a sticker on the front of your card.

4. Verify your identification when prompted by the employee.

5. The cashier will process your activation and provide you with confirmation when finished.

Once activated by the cashier, you can immediately start using your card to make purchases in-store.

Be sure to also [register online](how-to-register-lowe-s-credit-card-online) later on Lowes.com to manage your account online, view statements, make payments, and more.

Contact Lowe’s customer service with any issues related to in-store activation of your new Lowe’s consumer or business credit card.


Activating your new Lowe’s credit card is a quick and simple process that can be done online, by phone, or in-store. The lowes.com/activate website provides an easy online activation option by verifying some personal account details. You can also activate by calling the number on the back of your Lowe’s card and following the automated system.

Finally, any Lowe’s store associate can help activate your card at the customer service desk or register. Once your 16-digit Lowe’s credit card number is activated through any of those methods, you can immediately start using it for purchases and earning rewards. Remember to register your account on Lowes.com to conveniently access your balance, statements, and manage your Lowe’s card. With an activated card in hand, you can start shopping Lowe’s for all your home improvement project needs.

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