TJX Canada Survey

Tjxcanadaopinion is a platform that offers the TJX Canada Survey, providing customers with an opportunity to share their feedback and win exciting prizes.

By participating in the TJX Canada Survey at, customers can express their views on their recent shopping experiences and contribute to improving the overall customer satisfaction of TJX Canada.

To participate in the TJX Canada Survey, customers need to visit the official website at

Upon completion of the survey, they will automatically be entered into the TJX Canada Sweepstakes for a chance to win a cash prize.

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TJX Wiki

Founded1987; 33 years ago
FounderBernard Cammarata
HeadquartersMA, Framingham, Massachusetts, The U.S.
Number of locations
Area served
Key people
Carol Meyrowitz
  • Clothing
  • footwear
  • bedding
RevenueUS$38.937 billion
Operating income
US$4.17 billion
Net income
US$3.060 billion
Total assetsUS$14.326 billion
Total equityUS$5.05 billion
Number of employees
270,000 (2018)
  • HomeGoods Rewards

Which Rules Need To Follow

  • Open to all adults resident in Canada
  • over the age of 18 years
  • There is no cash alternative
  • Languages are known: English or French
  • Receipt: with Survey invitation.
  • Price: a $1000 Daily

How To Take Survey?


  • Check out the TJX feedback survey guidance
  • Choose your language
  • And click on your favorite language button


  • Enter valid survey number printed on the last visited receipt
  • Now your survey is starting.
  • Start to rate as per your visit to the TJX.
  • Give an honest rating as per your last experience with the TJX.
  • Give some answer to the question.
  • Select your gender and enter the First name.
  • Provide further contact information like a surname, date of birth, email, phone number, and postcode.
  • Submit the survey.

TJX Customer Service


Final Words

At last, wishing you all the best for your TJX survey at I hope you have completed the whole survey process and got an entry into TJX sweepstakes to win the reward.

But in the case of, If you have faced any type of error during the TJX survey then you can leave the comment in below comment box and if you have a query with our provided information then you can visit the

TJXcanada Opinion Survey FAQS

What do you know about TJX Canada?

Winners Apparel of Canada, a chain of five discount family clothing stores with headquarters in Toronto, is purchased by TJX. TJX develops this business throughout time to become the leading off-price store in Canada for home fashions and family apparel.

Why do you want to work at TJX?

Mention how much you value the goods and services you receive from TJ Maxx and how delighted you would be to represent them. Consider that you believe the business provides its customers with outstanding quality and value, which is another reason you are glad to represent them.

Is Marshalls and TJ Maxx the same thing?

The parent business of Maxx and Marshalls is TJX, situated in Massachusetts and also owning brands in Canada and Europe. T.J. Maxx, TJX’s first “baby,” debuted in 1977, exactly 21 years after Marshalls, its then-competitor, had set up shop. But in 1995, TJX was able to purchase Marshalls.

45 thoughts on “ TJX Canada Survey”

  1. I love shopping here it’s amazing the people are great very nice it’s one of the best places to shop at

  2. I have tried numerous times to enter but have never been successful – could you please let me know what is happening?

  3. Link to survey is not working and/or difficult to access.
    NOT a very good start for a new store in our city!

  4. Tried for 2 days to enter my feedback for the weekly prizes.
    All I go was extreme frustration because it DOESN’T WORK!!!

  5. I guess the company is saving a lot of $1000 prizes because the site isn’t working… 😉
    I would like to comment on on thing and that is the lack of masks being worn in some stores despite the clear signage that states masks must be worn. Today at store #0395 in Burnaby, BC at least 1/4 of the customers were not wearing masks. When I approached a manager to ask why this was, she told be that they “couldn’t very well not let people in with out a mask”. Why do you have this policy if it’s not going to be enforced!? Clearly you can say “You are not coming in without a mask, but I guess that means loosing a bit of money, doesn’t it? The people who have no regard for rules to keep the community safe are clearly the people you don’t want wandering around your stores without masks on.

  6. Well that was futile. This site ‘dies’ every time I go in. SOmething’s messed up, judging by everyone else’s comments as well. My survey # from Homesense purchase today was #0004063626 and the cashier was Tania – very pleasant. Super clean store. Please enter me for the chance to win. Thanks!

  7. I please enter me into the survey contest #0735063000 marshalls cashier was Kathryn very clean store everyone was wearing masks and social distancing friendly staff

  8. Please enter me into the survey contest #0735063000 marshalls cashier was Kathryn very clean store everyone was wearing masks and social distancing friendly staff

  9. Very disappointing to be told about a survey prize and being unable to complete on a site that doesn’t even work…GREAT JOB TJX…not very impressive !!!
    We should all receive $1000 awards for your lack of professionalism and non -customer satisfaction!!!!

  10. This survey is a complete rip-off. A reply from your Kirvanee, proved to be useless. As one customer commented, “We should all get prizes for the time we have wasted.” This is bad PR for an otherwise good store.

  11. What a rip-off! Despite Kirvanee’s answering email – it still does not work. As one customer commented: “We should all get prizes for the time wasted.” This whole survey business is bad PR for an otherwise good store.

  12. I made a purchase at your Winners store at College & Yonge St. yesterday and I am trying to enter the $1,000. daily plus 1 chance to win 1 of 3 $500 prizes weekly, by providing my review. I have tried it twice on your website, but It will not print my Survey #0339027286 to get me started on the survey. Maybe you could send me an email with the information to get started on the above. Have a nice holiday weekend, from Myrna Lambert.

  13. Not very cool. make your minimum wage employees direct us to a website that doesn’t work. Do you have any idea how many people out there will take this out on your in store employees. TJX owes its staff and customers a huge apology. I firmly believe your customers and staff should make this very very public.

  14. I always find something at winners when I drop in at the store in Cold lake ,Ab. The employees are very friendly and helpful. The store is so clean and it is easy to shop in. I buy a lot of my clothing at Winners

  15. I had an amazing experience shopping at winners, I’m 9 months pregnant and they helped my bring all the big purchases to my car!!

  16. I also cannot get the survey site to work. I did enter the survey twice, 2-3 months ago and it was fine. Frustrating to see this time, and to read the other comments. What’s the point if it doesn’t consistently work?

  17. The link didn’t work for me either. It was very frustrating. This has happened so many times to me. I enjoy winners for shopping but why bother with the survey if it doesn’t work. Sometimes I do some of it and it bumps me off. Does anybody check on this? Great Expectations followed by Great Frustrations!
    My survey number is # 0202016554
    My name is Anne Szandtner.

  18. As many have said before me, the survey page does not work. Good thing I love your stores because this website is not good for your reputation or customer service. Please email me and explain to me how to enter the contest.

  19. Nov 13 2020. Just activated my new loyalty card and like others have not been able to enter the survey. Very disappointed! When will this be fixed?

  20. I guess you won’t be paying out the weekly prizes as your site doesn’t work!!! Should tell your employees to stop telling customers to take the survey or fix your site????

  21. I did shopping at winners, but really was not a good experience. I spent $ 70 on the shop. Next day I got coupon for 20 % off. I visited the store and requested the manager to return the stuff to use my coupon, she said if you return this stuff you can not get it back to use the coupon which was weird. The customer service standard was very low.

    SURVEY #0421043508 DATED: 12/02/20

  23. II found everything for my family & friends. The prices are right within my budget, Love shopping at all your stores.
    survey # 0421021306 Dated 11/26/20

  24. your stores are the only stores I SHOP because I like the things selections . I also love people serving…. so polite & helpful
    survey # 042103008 dated 11/25/20

  25. Great staff! Very accommodating and very helpful. Keep up the good work. Richmond HomeSense
    is one of my favourite store. Love it.

  26. Great staff! Very accommodating and very helpful. Keep up the good work. Richmond HomeSense is one of my favourite store. Love it.
    Sorry i missed to include my survey # 0061052756

  27. Great Great staff, This is my favorite store. i’m in the store every other day looking for new and exciting stuff.

  28. Link to the site B.S. been trying to go on to leave my feedback for 2days fix it or stop telling customers to take survey TJX!!!!

  29. I shopped at Winners, Marshalls and Home Sense, was told by ALL of the staff to go online and fill out the survey for my chance to win $1000. I guess it won’t be happening if your survey site doesn’t work!!! Very disappointed, especially after reading the other comments.

  30. The entry site never works I tried every portal NADA
    Every time I shop & try to enter I cannot
    You should fix it or tell your cashiers to stop telling us to enter the contest

  31. I have been trying for days to access your survey site to no avail. I cannot enter the sweepstakes or put some comments that I had about my visit. I did leave a comment on another of your sites about this problem and haven’t had a response. I’ve been shopping at Winners for over 35 years – disappointed in this lack of service.

  32. I have been trying to enter my receipts to do the surveys from them but the link doesn’t work. I shop at Marshall’s and winners frequently but have never been able to do the survey or enter the sweepstakes.

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