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 Have you ever stopped by your favourite Wawa to enjoy a delicious breakfast and a cup its famous espresso? Perhaps you fuelled your vehicle and picked up snacks for the journey. Whatever your reasons for visiting, Wawa wants to hear about your experiences!
MyWawaVisit is a site that collects feedback from customers by taking a simple and quick satisfaction survey. Wawa is the well-known convenience chain of gas stations and stores famous for its fresh food and welcoming service, would like to hear your thoughts. If you can take a few minutes to write a review and suggestions, you will ensure that they continue to offer the best experience possible for your next visit.

The survey will likely cover different elements the Wawa visit, including the quality of their products, cleanliness in stores customer interaction, store cleanliness, and general customer satisfaction. Participating in the MyWawaVisit survey is entirely voluntary and confidential. It is essential to allow Wawa to better understand their customers’ wants and needs, and then make adjustments whenever necessary.

If you’re a long-time Wawa rewards program participant or are a new visitor to the site Your opinion is vital. Please take a moment to comment via www.mywawavisit.com to shaping your future for Wawa!

Mywawavisit Survey Prizes Up for Grabs

Grand Prize: Free Hoagies for a Year and a Wawa Swag Gift Basket

Can you imagine having free hoagies for an entire year? That’s the grand prize in this sweepstakes! Not only that, but the winner will also receive a Wawa swag gift basket filled with merchandise.

First Prizes: Wawa Gift Cards and Swag Baskets

If you don’t win the grand prize, don’t worry! There are also first prizes up for grabs, including Wawa gift cards and swag baskets.

Mywawavisit.com survey Essentials

  • Age Requirement: You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
  • Eligibility: The survey is open to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia.
  • Survey Period: The MyWawaVisit survey will run from January 1, 2024, to June 30, 2024.

How To Take Mywawavisit Survey?

Did you have a great hoagie or a steaming cup of hot coffee at your last Wawa visit? Perhaps you fueled your vehicle and picked up snacks to go on the journey. Whatever led you to Wawa they appreciate your comments! It’s the MyWawaVisit survey is a simple and simple way to tell them about your experience with them and help to continue to provide top-quality service.

This step-by-step guide will help you use the MyWawaVisit survey on the internet:

Step 1: Access the Survey Website (Action: Access Survey Website, Information Required: None, Success Criteria: Website loads successfully at https://www.mywawavisit.com/)

Open your favorite web browser and head over to the official MyWawaVisit website: https://www.mywawavisit.com/.

Wawa Survey

2. Select Your Language of Preference (Action Select Language Information Required No The Success Criteria for the desired Language is shown)

When you arrive at the MyWawaVisit website on the MyWawaVisit website, you’ll be offered the option of selecting the preferred language to complete the survey. In general, English and Spanish are choices. Choose the language you prefer to continue.

3. Collect the information for your survey (Action is: No, Data Required: Survey Code and Store Number from receipt, Success Criteria Both codes are recognized and accepted as valid by the computer system)

Take a look at your latest Wawa receipt to find your survey number. The unique code is typically located near the lower part on the invoice. The receipt may include the store’s number. Be sure to have your survey number and the store number in hand prior to moving to the next step.

4. Start Your Survey (Action to enter the Store Code and Survey Code Information Required such as the survey code and store numbers from receipt and success criteria is a welcome message and the first survey question will appear.)

On the MyWawaVisit site, you’ll find specific fields to enter the survey code as well as the store number that you obtained from your receipt. Make sure to enter both codes into each of the fields. Once you’ve completed the data then select”Start” or click the “Start” or “Begin Survey” button to start this survey procedure.

Phase 5: Provide Your Genuine Feedback (Action to answer survey questions Information required: varies in response to question, and The criteria for success is: the user gives a an accurate and correct answer to every question)

The questionnaire itself will consist of a set of questions intended to collect your comments about different factors from the Wawa visit. The questions could ask about product quality and cleanliness of the store, as well as staff interaction, and overall experience. Answer each question with a thoughtful and honest answer with the most detail you can to gain valuable insight.

6. Sharing Personal Information (Optional) (Action to provide the contact information (Optional) The information required including Name Email Address, Name, Phone Number (optional) and Success Criteria: The information has been successfully submitted (if the information is provided))

When you have completed this survey you may be offered an additional section asking you to provide your contact details. It could be the name of your email, address or number. The provision of your contact information is completely voluntary. If you decide to provide your contact details, make sure your contact information is correct in the event of sweepstake entries. Also, ensure that you have accurate information for any future communications from Wawa (if relevant).

Step 7 Submission of Your Survey (Action to Submit Survey Details Required: None, Success Criteria: A confirmation message is displayed indicating the survey was completed successfully)

After you’ve answered all of the questionnaire questions, and (optionally) given your contact details and clicked on the “Submit” button. The site should show an acknowledgment message to thank you for taking part within this MyWawaVisit survey. This means the valuable information you provided was successfully provided.

By following these easy steps, you will be able to contribute to the direction of Wawa and ensure that they remain a top-quality customer experience for all!

Details For Mywawavisit Survey


 NameWawa Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey Websitewww.Mywawavisit.com
Is purchase Necessary?No
Survey Prize:Free Hoagies for a Year, a total of 52 coupons plus $25 Wawa gift cards
Entry Type:Online & QR Code Scanning
Age Limit:18 & More
LocationOnly USA Citizens
Receipt Valid For:5 Days
Coupon Limit:1 Per Visit
Entry LimitOne free item per visit per receipt

My Wawa Visit Customer Online Survey by QR Code

You can also еntеr thе Wawa VOTC Swееpstakеs without making a storе purchasе –

  • During thе swееpstakеs datеs, scan thе QR codе at participating storеs.
  • Accеss thе Wawa survеy on your mobilе.
  • Start answеring questions about your last еxpеriеncе.
  • Ratе your satisfaction with thе customеr sеrvicе and products at Wawa.
  • Answеr all rеquirеd survеy quеstions as honеstly as possible.
  • Oncе donе, providе your contact dеtails.
  • Submit thе survеy to еntеr thе Wawa Swееpstakеs.

That’s all! you will rеcеivе frее еntry into thеir draw to win Frее Hoagiеs for a Yеar plus a $25 gift card.

Who won Wawa VOTC Sweepstakes?

Self-addressed, stamped envelope to the below address to request a Wawa’s Voice of the Customer Sweepstakes winners list –

Wawa Voice of the Customer 2023-1 Sweepstakes Winner List, PMI Station, PO Box 750-W, Southbury, CT 06488-0750.

Wawa Customer Service Number and Contact Details

Wawa, Inc. is an American chain of convеniеncе stores and gas stations based in Pеnnsylvania. It was founded in 1803 and currently, it opеratеs thousands of stores across the USA. Usе thе bеlow Wawa contact dеtails to gеt in touch with thеm –

  • Contact us pagе –wawa.com/contact.
  • Wawa customеr sеrvicе (Toll-Frее Numbеr) – 800-444-9292/+1 800 444 9292


Hope that you will be satisfied with the details available on the Wawa Survey at Mywawavisit is enough for you to win Free Hoagies for a Year plus a $25 gift card.

For further questions and queries Mywawavisit, shoot your comment below,

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