www.tellcdntire.com Survey As Canadian Tire $1,000 Contest

Canadian Tire decided to get the review or feedback from the regular customer of Canadian Tire store Via Canadian tire customer survey official website at www.tellcdntiregas.com.In short It is also known as TellCdnTire.

This Canadian tire gift card survey will help the Canadian Tire to find a review of regular customers and also they offering 10 chances to win $1000 cash daily and $1500 weekly upon completing the whole Canadian Tire survey on the official site at www tellcdntire com.

So let’s take this Canadian Tire Visit Survey and get a  chance to win Canadian Tire rewards without wasting your time and just follow our provided information below as a step by step guidance to complete the Canadian tire complaints Survey.

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Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire Wiki

Founded1922; 97 years ago
FounderAlfred J. Billes
J. William Billes
HeadquartersToronto, Ontario, Canada
Number of locations
1,686 locations
Key people
Stephen Wetmore
ProductsAutomotive, sports and leisure, and home products
Revenue$12.681 billion
Net income
$747.5 million
Total assets $15.303 billion

Canadian Tire Gas+ Survey Reward

You can win a 2 Cents per liter also 10 chances to win $1000 cash daily and $1500 weekly.

Tellcanadian Tire Gas+| Canadian Tire Survey Rules And Requirements

  • Purchase – No necessary
  • Payments– No necessary
  • AGE – 18 YEARS
  • Note- employees, immediate families/households or anyone else professionally
    involved with this promotion are not eligible
  • Price:  win $1,000 Gift Card
  • Receipt: with Survey Invitation.

How To Take www.TellCdnTire.com Survey Online?

Canadian Tire

  • Now you are on the official page of the Canadian Tire Survey.
  • Choose the language from both either English or Franch.

Canadian Tire 1

  • Open your receipt and enter the valid Store Number, Date, Time and Amount.
  • Click on the Enter button to begin the survey procedure.
  • Now your survey has been started and give you rate by giving an answer to the question.
  • All the questions will be related to your last visit.
  • Give an answer honestly.
  • Provide your contact details.
  • At last, you will get a chance to win.

Canadian Tire Customer Survey or www.tellcdntire.com 2020| Contact Details

Online customer support

Canadian Tire Near By Me Location

Canadian Tire Reference Link

Final Words

Thank you guys for visiting our site, Hope you may enjoy this post regarding the Canadian Tire Customer Survey at www.tellcdntiregas.com.

If you have any query related to our information about Canadian Tire feedback then you can post a comment in below comment box or visit our official site at customersurvey.onl

Thank you so much please keep visiting our site to know the details about such type of survey nearby you.


37 thoughts on “www.tellcdntire.com Survey As Canadian Tire $1,000 Contest”

  1. This is a total collection of timewasting bullshit. There is no way to enter this contest as outlined on the receipt I received 1 hour ago.
    Stop your lies and customer time wasting. What a bunch of stupid inconsiderate assholes.

  2. Come on, what’s with the false advertising on your Cdn Tire receipts, the website isn’t even working. And there isn’t any other contact info for help options.

  3. Hi there, I guess the site is down, and no doubt due to the increased volume of people shopping on-line. Anyway the only reason I wanted to do the survey is to give Kudos to a lady named Linda who is a manager at the Kapuskasing CTC, as she went above and beyond the call of duty when I basically got screwed by the CTC in Cochrane. I had ordered a trimmer and 2 days after it was due to arrive I got an email saying the order was cancelled as there were no more in stock. There was 7 when I ordered so it obviously wasn’t process right away. I checked with Linda in Cochrane who had one available and because I couldn’t get on line to order it, she arranged to have purolater get it to me. I was so happy she went the extra mile to get me this hard to find item. Linda definitely deserves to be recognized for her supreme and excellent customer service!

  4. Tell Canadian tire survey has not worked for a long time. Fix the dam site or take it off the sales receipt. What kind of BS are you trying to pull off.

  5. I’ve clicked on at least 6 sites to find the CDN Survey. Not one of them comes up with the survey site.
    Why doesn’t Canadian Tire do something !!!!!
    If not going to provide an easy way to find and complete, then TAKE the survey request OFF
    the sales slip.

  6. This site can’t be reachedwww.tellcdntire.com’s server IP address could not be found.
    Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

  7. It’s EXTREMELY hard to win your coupon when your websit(www.tellcdntire.com) can’t be found. It’s been over four weeks now and you still haven’t done ANYTHING to fix your problem. I’m obviously not the only one having a problem with you web site.
    FIX IT!

  8. There is no way I can enter the survey based on what is printed on my receipt. Get your act together!

  9. This is such a waste of time, should go back to phoning it in or make it easier to log in. Maybe you shouldn’t offer surveys if people cannot enter them!!!!

  10. How can I take your survey when your site does not want to accept the store number where I shopped? This store is at 2025 Kipling Ave in Etobicoke and the store number is 242. How can I make a positive comment when your survey site is totally negative?

  11. As everyone else has stated, the site does not work. Again typical Canadian Tire, more interested in pushing advertising then being helpful. Have no idea where they find their tech people. Also I am presuming that the reason their survey site does not work is because they really don’t want to no how bad their service really is.

  12. I too could not find a survey for the regular Canadian Tire store – just the gas … what happened.
    I wanted to pass along the comment after buying the 8 KG bag of charcoal – how come last summer your sale price was $15 – $16 and this June it is $25 marked as “sale” ????? Covid-19 does not affect charcoal, nor it’s supplier, other than perhaps it has been identified as non-essential and that has forced up the market price ? 66% inflation is a bit too much !!!!

  13. Bait and switch. It tried to download drivers and sell me some shit. I will NEVER shop at Canadian ire Again. Not I have to find out what drivers it loaded and remove. What garbage. Theres your survey.

  14. It seems that I am not the only one to have an issue with your survey. I’m trying to comment on a returned item. Not sure why the store number #657 is not accepted even though the tops of the numbers are cut off. This is the Hanmer Ontario store and like the other complainants tellcdntire.com only gives you “This site can’t be reached”. The numbers along the bottom are 4908-7160-25800-109.

  15. I too have had trouble completing the Canadian Tire Gas Survey since they switched to Medallion. I kept getting a “thanks for your feedback” and ‘survey 100% completed’ as soon as I clicked on the site. I wrote to Gas+ and was advised a week later that you are only allowed to enter twice a month. Fine – today is October 7 and I was trying to complete my first entry of the month, but got the good old “thanks for your feedback, survey 100% complete” line again. Sometimes I can get one entry in per month, sometimes not. Apparently complaining to Gas+ or Canadian Tire doesn’t work, they’re still not doing anything about it. Bad enough they stopped giving the coupons, now we can’t even enter the contest.

  16. I have been trying for weeks to do survey and can’t get on site what is going on with this have been reading replies that go back months and no one has fixed this in all this time big waist of time take this survey off the reciepts if you have no intentioning in fixing this please

  17. Still can’t get the site to work. What a waste of time. Tried all searches to find the working site with NO luck. Just a site to collect personal info which I am not going to do. If it is for Canadian Tire let it be your site.

  18. it’s been months and the survey site is still not working. Either take the url off the receipts or get your IT people on this. It’s now October and there are complaints posted from months ago.

  19. It’s a waste of time trying to get into this enter to win. Your website isn’t working. Get someone to fix or don’t put this enter to win on your receipt as it’s very frustrating for someone who takes their time to go to your website.

  20. Does this site really exist?
    Can’t get on to do the survey ! Frustrating like trying to get warranty work done at Canadian Tire!

  21. Can I expect a reply: I have been waiting for over two months for a response on the progress of warranty repairs being done on my lawn mower. Contacted local store and each time I get ” We will contact the repair depot Monday and get back to you” —- That’s three times now!

  22. What a crock ! Just wasted my time trying to fill out the survey only to give up after 4 attempts, And then see that many other people are having the same issues. I suggest you remove the entry instructions off your receipts.

  23. I agree with all the comments above. When I shopped in Morrisburg’s CTC I had no problem accessing the short survey. Kemptville’s CTC seems to have a spurious address. All I wanted to do was Thank BLAKE for going the extra mile. I could do that when using the IP address on Morrisburg’s receiptbut got a real runaround with thr
    tellcdntire.com address on Kemptville’s. Delete it or change it.

  24. Been shopping at this Canadian Tire since it open in my area, gone through a few owners/management. I order online in this CoVID19 lock down, go to pick my shopping up but I do not have data on my phone so I call in. the person that answer say I need to e-mail it in and I told them that I didn’t have data and greeted this person as ‘sir’ she said she’s a female and I apologized. Gave my order number and pickup code and thank her for the service. Well I waited as min 5 cars came in after me and receive their order but my was no where to be seen. So I call in and ask them why my order is delay as new customers are serve before me! Being a long time shopper at this Canadian Tire and be treated this way is not right!!!

  25. Peterborough BOTH locations I have experienced recently EXTREMELY aggressive employees. Its not a coincidence the larger the company the more robotic the people
    working there are. Regret giving my money to in turn have such terrible interactions in a store. WOW!

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